The Secret to Sex in the Kamasutra

The Kamasutra is the ultimate paradox of sexual literature. For thousands of years, lovers have tried to uncover the mysteries of sex described in the ancient book, but none can say that they ever succeeded fully. That said, the book has also unraveled deep mysteries that have, for ages, guided men and women to be better lovers.

You need to understand the treatise with an open mind, uncovering the hidden depths of your sex life.Brisbane escorts are amazing mistresses in Kamasutra lovemaking. She is aware of the subtle flows of the human body and how sexual union can create new dimensions of liberation.

Learning How to Embrace the Sexuality of Your Partner   

Sexuality is complex. It is inherent in all the unsaid aspects that create the identity of the individual. Even the simplest acts of physical contact can lead to the avenues of intense orgasm if followed correctly.

For instance, the Kamasutra describes eight different kinds of embraces. How often have you thought deeply about a simple hug? Do you know that hugging releases endorphins in the body? These hormones are known as natural painkillers that help with relaxation and calmness. Now, imagine the intensity of pleasure with the different kinds of hugging!

An act of embrace is complete when it emanates from the heart. The Kamasutra likens embraces to the climbing of a serpent to a tree, the intertwining of a creeper to a stem, and the mixing of milk and water. The serpent analogy, if you are afraid of it, you will never be able to master the mysteries of sex.

Do you know that enlightened women equate the erection of a man to the rising head of a serpent? The awakening of desires in a woman and the way her hips move are also often compared to the movements of serpents. Besides, in Tantric sex, the Kundalini power is also likened to a sleeping serpent at the root of the spinal cord.

The lovely Edinburgh escorts are aware of the Kamasutra. They will tell you about the other types of embraces. These include hugging the thighs, the breasts, the lower body, and the head. Another deep variety of embrace is described as the mixing of sesame seeds with rice. Unlocking the magic of these customs of foreplay needs a deep initiation into a trusting partnership. The more comfortable you are with your body in the presence of your woman, the better you become at lovemaking.

The Secrets of Kissing Described in the Kamasutra 

Trust the Pune Call Girls to hold your hands and show you how to kiss. The Kamasutra describes kisses based on their intensity and position. You have the throbbing kiss, deep in sex. You have the measured kiss and the brushing kiss to assure your partner of your presence. Other varieties of kisses include making love to the forehead, the breasts, the private parts, and the inside of the mouth.

You may feel overwhelmed by the mysteries of Kamasutra, but with a loving partner, you can go deeper into its secrets. The Kamasutra describes that, ideally, the woman should have an orgasm first. This seems like an unreal fantasy to most men who cannot hold their erections long enough. However, when you are understood and appreciated by the woman, you start to realize your full potential. A man is only so successful as to his ability to give orgasm to the woman.

The Kamasutra states that sex in men and women should be inherently different. A man gives, so he should be giving and nurturing. A woman receives, so she should be receptive to the needs of her man. Also, men should hold back from seeking a quick climax. You have to have a strong emotional grip on your passions to prolong the lovemaking.

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