How to enjoy sex without penetration

If the only way you and your partner pleasures yourselves is via penetrating sex alone, then you soon would both get tired. Penetrating sex most times becomes tedious with time, especially when there’s nothing to spic it up. So, if you are looking for means of improving your sex life or reducing penetrating sex, you should read this content to the end. You might as well visit Porndoe to watch some HD porn videos on some other sexual performances asides from penetrating sex.

Note that penetrating sex is not the only means to orgasm or enjoy sexual intimacy; there are several other practices you and your partner could adopt other than having penetrating sex frequently. That is never to underplay the importance or the enjoyment derived from penetration. However, it should note that other spices need to include; else, it soon would become boring and casual. Here are some of the ways to enjoy sex without penetration


Mutual masturbation is one of those means of enjoying mind-blowing sex without penetration. Some individuals believe sex without penetration is not sex; well, this is not true. Since both parties want the process and both climax and enjoy the ecstasy, it’s sex! Mutual masturbation would require you and your partner to watch HD porn videos together, preferably during bedtime. When masturbating, both partners could see themselves; watch one another have a go at it. Embracing the unbearably of what happens after is one of the best feelings you’d have outside penetrating sex. The feeling is more than pleasurable.

Making out and foreplay:

Foreplay is one of the most underutilized forms of sex without penetration. If you’ve never made out or enjoyed foreplay to the point of your voice quaking, you aren’t there yet! Foreplay alone is enough to deliver maximum pleasure if your partner understands your body perfectly. Foreplay includes kissing, nibbling on nipples, and necking. All these, when done right, will deliver maximum pleasure to the point where penetration becomes irrelevant at the time. One of the main reasons most individuals skip foreplay is that their partner might not understand the concept, and instead of teaching them or telling them about it, they just “skip to the supposed good part.”


Several HD porn videos feature both grinding and dry humping. If you and your partner have never had the luxury of trying this out, you should. It’s one of the most enjoyable sexual acts you can think of while intimate with your partner. With or without clothes, the feeling derived from humping could escalate in less than a minute because of the impact of direct stimulation. You might hump your pillow or partner, depending on how you want to go about it. It entailed rubbing your genitals on a surface continuously. You should give it a squeeze.

Penetration is incredible; however, it gets tiring quickly. Most men would have an orgasm a few minutes into penetration sex, which could be disastrous if not properly managed. So, instead of going through that part, why not try other means of having sex without penetration? The processes, as mentioned earlier, are some of the most interesting you can try with your partner.

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