Gorgeous Italian men: How to win their hearts

Dating Italian men: tips and hints

Italian guys tend to be extremely attractive and charismatic, so women dream of dating them. These are some things you should be aware of to date an Italian guy.

A heaven-like Italy is a country which is a motherland for extremely charming people. Tourists go there not only to see amazing nature and taste delicious food but also to look at attractive Italian people living there. It’s easy to fall in love with this place and to dream of living there – the local “Dolce Vita” is something which can’t leave people indifferent: it’s beautiful, it’s romantic and it’s something most people crave.

Italians are often seen as extremely gorgeous and attractive people: their appearance, charisma, behaviour and style make them irresistible and captivating. Italian musicians, actors and celebrities are extremely popular because of their taste and sense of style: it’s hard to deny that their effortless but beautiful appearance is a mixture of their tasteful clothing, sporty fit bodies, tanned skin and great facial features. When they smile, it looks like a ray of sunshine: they somehow manage to radiate cheerfulness and energy and make all people around smile too.

Ladies interested in Italian guys might visit Italy to meet them or use online dating services, but it’s not enough to meet an Italian guy: you need to know how to behave and what to do to be charming and attractive in the eyes of Italian men. Even though Italy is a European western country, they still have their special features and traditions you need to know about. Some of them are pretty obvious for everyone who has ever visited Italy, but some of them can be pretty new and helpful for the newcomers:

  • Look good! It’s obvious but still extremely important: Italian guys are well-known for being dapper and stylish. They dress masterfully, wear great hairstyles and smell like heaven. In a country with such a warm climate people are dressed openly most of the time, so they take care of themselves really well: their healthy and delicious diet makes them thin, fit and attractive. If you want to date a neat Italian guy, then put an effort into looking the best you can: it always pays off;

  • They love their mothers. Italian guys are “mama’s boys”: they always listen to their opinions and advice, they absolutely respect them and sometimes compare women they date with their mothers. You should cook really well to compete: Italians (both men and women, actually) are real chefs in the kitchen, so you’ll be expected to be skilled as well. Also, Italian men expect their ladies to care for them and take a traditionally feminine role in a family;

  • They are very passionate. Sometimes it results in them telling you the most amazing stories about themselves just to steal your heart and get your attention: a story when he saved a child holding a cat from a burling tree while helping a nice old lady to carry her heavy bags for her shouldn’t surprise you. Of course, not all of them are liars: they have a great level of courtesy and they tend to be loyal to women they love – even though they might date lots of ladies while looking for the special one. Their attention is full of passion and romance, but be careful and reasonable: he might be a bit more loveable than you think;

  • They are jealous. It’s another side of their passion: they want to know the ladies they love and date belong only to them. It’s hard to disagree that many women love their men being a bit jealous, but Italians are pretty possessive and that can be too much for some women. It’s fine: make your macho men sure that he’s the only one you love and he’ll be confident and cheerful again;

  • They are humorous and full of life. Their gestures, intonation, mimics and charisma make them extremely sociable and loveable: they often have lots of friends and love spending time with their friends, relatives and neighbours. It sometimes feels like being on the endless festival: they are so full of life that you unconsciously start to feel the same way. Even though they are active and enjoy life, they can often be late: their pace of life doesn’t allow them to hurry and they often need a lot of time to look their best. It’s not that hard to get used to it, but it’s much harder not to adopt this habit!

Dating an Italian guy can turn your life into a fairy-tale: it’s hard not to be charmed by its romantic and exciting atmosphere while being in Italy. Find a man of your dreams and enjoy your Dolce vita with him!

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