First time with an escort? Here’s what to anticipate

The first time you encounter an escort or other hands-on sex worker is a monumental event. You are not alone in your anxiety. So that you may anticipate what will occur, here is a brief explanation.As a preface, please be aware that each escort has its preferred method of operation. Please use this blog as a starting point, but remember that your employees always have the last say. Know more about Bratislava Escorts

An escort reservation is remarkably similar to an actual date. It’s all about making a connection, talking to someone, flirting, and eventually going out on a date.

Contrasted with the expected date, though, there is much more confidence. You don’t need to appear or behave in a specific way to get laid since you’re footing the bill for this event.

Here is a breakdown of the steps and tasks required during your session.

Ahead of the due date

Make sure your house or hotel room is clean if you plan on meeting your escort there.

You and your partner will likely spend some time in the restroom before and after your play session to clean up and get ready. In addition, it is helpful to have a sufficient supply of fresh towels on hand.

Make sure everything is in order before you go out on a date

As soon as your security detail arrives, remain kind yet subdued when your guide comes (or when you visit their home). Allow them to unwind in their environment for a while.

What about giving them a tour of your home or just offering them a drink of water? Let them unpack their belongings, use the facilities, and arrange their gear.


Please give them the money as quickly as you can. Most escorts would rather have a sealed envelope containing their payment than a pile of loose bills. If you get this done quickly, you’ll have more time to focus on the exciting parts.

Please don’t take it personally, but it’s necessary to check in with every customer to make sure they’re all right if the woman has to put through a call to their driver or a friend.

Doing the dishes

Your escort may also request that you clean up a little when you arrive. Please don’t take any of this the wrong way. It’s merely a standard operating practice we take before getting our hands dirty. You must be in peak condition right now. Clean your body with soap and deodorant; freshen your breath with mouthwash if you have it. If your worker can get a whiff and taste of how good you are, they will be more eager to be near you.

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