Finer Levels for Sexual Aggression

You can lose your mind for a man in so many ways. There are those who cannot resist the fun and friendly types, always able to make people laugh and bring joy to each other’s life. Others melt in front of beauty and physical prestige; many are seduced by those who prove a true romantic. And then there are the sapiosexual. Have you ever heard this word? It comes from the Latin sapiens sexual is and indicates that kind of people who have a strong sexual attraction for intelligence. But to seduce is not the notions, let alone the qualifications. For the furry sex games this is the best deal.

Those looking for a partner with a smart and awake brain, are fascinated by the mental stimuli that the other can offer, by the brilliant cultural exchange and by the never banal conversations that widen their vision of the world, thus activating the mutual curiosity. And since this type of involvement is fed by dialogues and fascinating words, which open new reflections, the mental understanding becomes central and takes on a powerful sexual charge. The strong intelligence is seen as a source of sensuality and the mental inputs are used to erotically activate the senses and the body, become powerful and overwhelming as much as the kisses and caresses. Certainly a good intellectual feeling is important in every story, but for those who have this attitude, making love with the other’s mind is an essential requirement. If you also think that the brain is the first sexual organ to be stimulated, you could be a sapiosexual potential. Do you want to find out? Here are 5 signals that can reveal it to you.

  1. You like dialogue, not talk

Discuss, ask questions and talk about everything: these are the things you notice to understand if there is harmony with the other. Why confront yourself thanks to stimulating conversations and never predictable, it fascinates you and pushes you to bring out the best in you. And you do not show how good you are, but to expand your ideas and see how much the other is holding your head. That’s why you love to dialogue in a profound way, while you cannot stand superficial chatter. Better silence at this point.

  1. Prefer the content to the container

This does not mean that for you do not count the physical aspect, but if there is only that, it is not for you. Because you love to sink, do not stop at the surface and if you see that there is little substance below, in a moment you lose interest and start to get bored. The reason is that you want a stimulating and intelligent boy next to you and this takes precedence over all the other features that fascinate you in a potential partner.

  1. You are attentive to words

The words for you are worth and much, because they are the tools with which we can express and communicate our world. Admire those with an extensive vocabulary, those who can write or dialogue with magical and unexpected metaphors, able to trigger in you the desire to deepen more. And this, consequently, makes you intolerant to those who speak and write badly, in a sloppy manner and make grammatical mistakes.

  1. You are an excellent listener

Since you are open to meet guys who have a lot to say and tell, you have honed your listening skills over time. And when you know someone who is passionate about you and arouses your interest, you would be able to hear it for hours. But not in a passive way, because you like to rise with new arguments and ideas, to get to know you better.

  1. From your partner you always want to learn

In a boy you are not just looking for love, respect, trust and complicity. You want someone next to you who can teach you knew things, even those very far from you. Being with a guy like that allows you to widen your horizons and pushes you to overcome your limits, helping you to improve every day. This is why you are fascinated by intelligent and educated types, because you can always learn from them and satisfy your intellectual thirst.

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