Erotic mini games: it will raise your experience and exoticness

Have you ever thought of playing erotic games? Sucking from behind, hold nipples tight from behind, put your tongue deep inside the clit? If these terms stimulates your feelings and you are fond of new poses everyday as experiments, you must definitely try different poses in different mini erotic games in playpornogames gaming site. Browse around this site to play all the games. They are erotic, passionate, stimulating and above all they are free. Now you can experiments these poses with your partner on the bed. The more you play the better you dominate.

Sex bomb

The sex bomb is a juice in the bed that causes a dynamite of pleasure. It is a simple game, which consists of taking a clock and setting a time interval in which it is not allowed to penetrate. If, for example, the time without penetration is 20 minutes, only caresses, kisses, bites, etc. are allowed until the stipulated time has passed.

Choose a piece of paper

It is a game that can be very erotic and can excite your senses. It consists of taking two jars or jars in which to put a series of slips of paper. In each paper, different verbs are written that have to do with sexual and exciting acts, for example, sucking, licking, biting, etc. In the other bottle will be the pieces of paper with written body parts. The combination of the two pieces of paper will tell you what you should do to your partner to feel a great pleasure.


Another mythical game is that of blindfolding because when one cannot see, the other bodily senses intensify. The operation is simple, blindfold and let the couple do their job to satisfy you. Imagination plays a fundamental role in this game, which is ideal if combined with the detainee’s game.

The battle

The bed can become a fight ring with this game, in which it is not necessary to be violent but it can be fun. The two members of the couple must undress and hold a cushion with which they must start a battle. It is not about doing harm but about having a good time. This can cause a relaxed atmosphere that can end in love and not in war.

Conclusion: What does your mouth taste like?

This game in bed is ideal to combine with the game of blindness. When one of the two members of the couple has their eyes blindfolded, then the other places different foods in their mouths: chocolate, ice cream, strawberries, liqueurs, cream, etc. The objective is for the person who is blindfolded to guess what the other person has in their mouths.

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