Do Escorts Become Emotionally Attached to Clients?

So, this is a question that comes up very often and is a thought that crosses many guys minds at some stage if they use the services of escorts.

 After all it is entirely natural to wonder if the escort likes the guy and if so, what does she like about him? Pretty much every guy likes to think that he is a charming and handsome man and having this confirmed by any partner will make him feel good.

When a guy books an escort there are a number of potential reasons why he will be doing this. He may simply be on a business trip away and be at a bit of a loss as to what to do in the evenings.

He may be a particularly horny guy who isn’t getting what he needs at home and booking the services of a high-class escort may well be a way to satiate his sexual desires.

Whatever his reasons, when a guy books an escort he will take time to carefully select the girl that is the most appealing to him – effectively he will book an escort that he fancies.

We thought the best way to understand if escorts get emotionally attached was to ask the escorts themselves and we had some great help from the girls at to help debunk this process and get information from someone who has been there and done it.

Choosing an escort that you fancy

In doing this the guy is subconsciously selecting a girl that he would choose as partner material.

His preferences may be tall or short escorts, blonde or brunette ladies. The choice is his and he wants to be with a highly desirable lady for his date that evening.

When his carefully chosen partner first arrives, he will invariably do everything that he can to impress her.

Dressed smart, showered, a little after shave perhaps. He certainly isn’t going to greet his escort looking scruffy..

Why is he doing this? Well, subconsciously he wants to impress her in the same way that she wants to impress him. Yes, for sure she is working and is getting paid but at the same time she wants the guy to like her and be impressed with what he finds.

The guy may well turn on the charm as well. He doesn’t necessarily need to but he feels that he wants to. Maybe buy the escort a couple of drinks? Some guys even take their escorts out for a meal before any after hour activities commence.

So how is the escort going to feel about him if he’s a charming and attentive host for her? Needless to say, she is going to like the attention, and who wouldn’t. Very much like a dating game, booking an escort for the evening is a male and female connection that can develop.

Imagine a scenario where the escort arrives to meet the guy at the predetermined place and time, usually his hotel bedroom. Socks and underpants laying around, the guy just woken up from a sleep on the bed looking like he has just driven 200 miles and attended busy meetings.

How is she going to feel, knowing that he has made absolutely no effort whatsoever? Conversely, the guy in smart shirt and trousers, room immaculate, after shave and a chilled bottle of wine in her room to greet her when she arrives will make the escort feel most welcome and a little special perhaps. Even cared for.

Little things mean a lot

So, these little gestures and extra effort go a long way with any girl, escort or otherwise Pour her a drink, ask about her day and show a little attention and instantly you will stand out amongst the crowd. You may well see a change in attitude from your escort. A change in how she looks at you, a little smile perhaps and a gentle kiss that you were maybe not expecting.

For sure escorts can become attached to guys and for sure they all like something a little special. Treating her well and doing the little nice things for her will ensure that she sees you a little differently. This will have a number of outcomes that all play directly your way. Your escort will become putty in your hands as the saying goes. Soft and amenable to your desires, you will both have a far more pleasurable experience together.

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