A close look at two wonderful male masturbators for sale

Today, we are going to take a close look at two products you should consider seriously whenever you want to buy male masturbators in Canada. These are the Quickshot Boost & Vantage by Fleshlight and the Truskyn Ribbed Stroker by Doc Johnson.

The Quickshot Boost & Vantage by Fleshlight

These are by no means disappointing male masturbators for sale, even though they are the cheapest Fleshlights available. Apart from feeling just as great as other Fleshlight that you get whenever you buy male masturbators in Canada, they are cheap and inconspicuous.

Since the design is open-ended it enables your significant other to fellate you while it is being used. This is why it doubles easily as a great toy for couples. The transparent Quickshot Vantage gives a great view to your partner and all at a price of being a bit less stealthy.

Our suggestion is that you need to buy lube online to go with this toy. But when you do, make use of less amounts of lube because it you might lose the great sensation of the texture of the Quickshot and it could also mix up with saliva when using it with your partner. In order to make the experience more pleasant for your partner you can buy lube online at our Pleasures N’ Treasures store, including dildos for sale that has some good flavor in it. But nothing stops you from going all spit if your partner is well hydrated.

Indeed, the design that is open-ended means that you are not getting to get as much suction and stimulation as the traditional Fleshlights when using it alone. No doubt this is a trade-off that is small for the ease of use and portability which it rather offers. If the walls are thin, this brand of male masturbators for sale might not work for you.

How to clean the Quickshots – unlike other Fleshlights the Quickshot is a lot easier to clean and maintain. This is all thanks to the design that is open-ended. Simply rinse your male masturbator for sale, dry it up, use cornstarch to powder it up, and you are done.

Conclusion – if you desire an experience that is realistic and full, the models of the Original and Go Fleshlight are superb. However, the Quickshot is the best option for you if you need a stealthy easy to clean option, you’re in a relationship, or if your funds are low.

The Truskyn Rubber Stroker by Doc Johnson

The Truskyn might not be the best choice when you want to buy male masturbators in Canada, especially not in terms of sensation. However, when it comes to cleaning it is absolutely a breeze when you compare it to most toys for men. The reason this is so is because pure medical grade silicone is used in making it. All that is needed is to use soap, rinse it and that would be all.

How to clean your Truskyn – You can completely sanitize this unique model of male masturbators for sale simply because it is completely made from silicone. This also means that you can share this male toy without the risk of contracting any kind of diseases. All you need to do is to wash it with a 10% bleach water solution and then thoroughly rinse it or boil it for 10 minutes.

You can also adjust the tightness as you want to with your grip because it has a design that is completely open.

Conclusion – this would be a great option if you want to buy male masturbators in Canada that does not require a long cleaning process. It would also work well for you if you are into the traditional way of masturbating. Remember to buy lube online when you want to make use of it.

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